Roguelines Plugin

The Roguelines plugin ships with the Rogue Theme. It is a plugin to help you create headline areas for those posts that just crave extra attention.


  • Multiple Roguelines areas – you can have several headlines for various parts of your site.
  • Add Rogueline data to any post within admin using the Roguelines box on the write and edit post page.
  • Full control of the HTML code that is outputted before and after each Rogueline area, as well as before and after each element within.

Installation and Setup

To install the Roguelines plugin, just drop it in your wp-content/plugins/ folder, and then go to the Plugins page in WordPress admin and click the activate link. This will activate the plugin.

Once the plugin is uploaded and activated, click the new Roguelines link under Settings in the WordPress admin. This will take you to a settings page where you can configure the plugin’s various Roguelines, and what HTML code should go before and after them.

If you use the Roguelines plugin with the Rogue Theme, the default HTML code will work well enough for the top headline area – the one below the header. If you want to use it elsewhere, you might want to edit the code, either in the Rogueline settings, or in your style.css file.

Roguelines settings page

See the setup page for full instructions.


Once you have created your first Rogueline area from the plugin settings page, you can start using the plugin. First of all, you need to place it somewhere. This can be done manually in the files using a PHP code snippet found on the settings page, or you can use widgets and add the created Rogueline areas to any widgetized part of your theme. In the case of the Rogue Theme, there are 5 areas (under the header, the sidebar, and three columns in the footer) that work.

Using the Roguelines widget

The number of Roguelines widgets that are displayed on the Appearance > Widgets page depend on your Roguelines plugin settings. Each widget lets you choose a Rogueline area to display, and you can even add a header text to it.

Now, just adding a Rogueline widget to an area won’t show anything, you need something to output as well. This is handled on the write/edit post screen of the post you want to give some extra exposure. You’ll find the Roguelines box at the bottom of your write/edit post screen. Luckily, you can drag it up thanks to the new WordPress admin, and drop it wherever you want it.

Post settings

All you need to do to make a post show up in a Rogueline area, is to pick the one you want, and then fill out any text you’d like to display, along with browsing for an image to use if you choose to. Everything is managed in that small little box and when you’ve added something there, the post will show up accordingly in the Rogueline area of your choice.

That’s it. Publish (or update, if the post is already published) your post as usual.

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