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The Rogue Theme is a premium WordPress theme, designed for version 2.7 and upwards. It ships with the Roguelines plugin, for easy management of headline areas.

If you want to see the Rogue Theme in action, you’re in luck. This site runs the Rogue Theme with just some minor adjustments. You could easily create it in full should you want to.

System Requirements

You need WordPress 2.7 or higher to use the Rogue Theme and the Roguelines plugin. We do not support earlier versions of WordPress, but naturally you’re welcome to buy and try the Rogue Theme on them if you like.

Rogue Theme has been tested in the following web browsers:
Firefox 3+, Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 and 8, Safari 3+, Google Chrome 1+, Opera 9+. Other web browsers will probably work as well.

Buy the Rogue Theme

You can buy the Rogue Theme, along with the Roguelines plugin, from this page.

  • Single license grants you the right to use the Rogue Theme along with the Roguelines plugin on 1 site at a time: $39
  • Removal of the credit links in footer from a single license: $19
  • Developer’s license lets you install and use Rogue Theme on any number of sites that you run, and you can remove the credit links as well: $139

All licenses come with free upgrades. Buy!

Help and Support

This site – – is not only a demo of the Rogue Theme, but also the premier means of support for both the theme and the Roguelines plugin. Make sure you subscribe to our updates for the latest about the Rogue Theme, the Roguelines plugin, as well as tips, suggestions, and updates.

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